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MailboxDirect.com is a web-to-print site owned by Tri-Win Direct. This site design targets small DIY postcard mailers who need to send out jobs of under 10,000 postcards. The goal was to create a simple user experience so that repeat customers can upload art and place orders 24/7 without needing the help of any of our customer service associates.

My Role in this Project:
  • Creative Concept
  • Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Project Management
Additional Team Members:
  • Becky More – Creative Consultant
  • Brad Yeager – Backend Programming
  • Russell Honeycutt – Web to print process
  • Denise Brewster – Consumer testing

MBD Background Video

Direct mail is not sexy. It’s a solid marketing tool when used appropriately, but it’s hard to make mail flashy.

To capture the attention of potential customers the second they hit the homepage we decided to use a short background video loop. The motion of the video is a wonderful way to grab attention by showing a couple of the more dynamic moments in direct mail production without a significant increase in page load time.

Instant Quote Form

The quote form serves 2 purposes. First, it gives it provides users the ability to find out exactly what it will cost to sent a postcard using MailboxDirect.com. They can even email the quote to themselves if they want to keep the information for their records.

First, it gives it provides users the ability to estimate the cost of a postcard mailing without the need to speak to any of our team. They can even email the quote to themselves if they want to keep the information for their records. Contact information from all the emailed estimates are captured so we use it to follow up with the prospect later on.

Second, it serves as the foundation to start every job so customers will feel how easy our system is to use even if they are just pricing out future projects.

Checkout Page

One of the goals of MailboxDirect.com is to create a website that allows a customer to complete an order without the need to contact us directly. That means the customer will need to fill in quite a bit of information the first time they order. To help make that process feel less daunting we focused on two key points:

  1. First, we made sure the checkout page was clean and easy to read.
  2. Second, we added an order info box on the right side of the page. That box contains all the key details of the order, and it is always fixed in the user’s browser window, making quick reference convenient.

Industry Page

When used well, direct mail can help boost sales for nearly every industry from real estate to HVAC.  This page serves as a showcase listing some of the industries we have experience helping as well as some of the design work we’ve created.