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Texas Health Physicians

Texas Health Physicians

Not many people outside of the medical industry know just how hard it is to find qualified medical staff. Most of the time medical recruiters are contacting currently employed people and are trying to entice them away from their current jobs. Not an easy job under the best of circumstances.

The recruiters at Texas Health wanted to give their team an edge in this competitive market which is why I designed a collection of mailers that showcased the brand while also personalizing the recruiting experience. These mailers use bright friendly images along with branded Texas Health colors to create a positive first impression of the company. Then a dynamic handwriting font is used on each mailer to give the impression that the recruiter wrote a specific message to each individual recipient.

My Role in this Project:
  • Creative Concept
  • Design
Additional Team Members:
  • This was a solo project.

Texas Health Self Mailer

This is a larger invitation style fold over piece used for higher value positions such as doctors.

Texas Health Large Postcard

A large postcard for specialty positions like nurses or physicians assistants with specific experience.

Small Postcard

A smaller postcard that is used to fill roles with a large pool of applicants. Great for family practice opportunities or a role that will accept recent graduates.